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Indian tradition has advocated Shodasha Samskaras. Samskaras are those which imbibe the quality excellences. Jatha Karma Samskara is foremost among them. This is practiced as soon as the child is born or together with the naming ceremony. It is otherwise known as Swarna Prashana. Kashyapa, the pioneer Ayurvedic pediatrician, explains this procedure in detail. Swarnabhasma (gold) is mixed with the medicated ghee along with honey and given to the child. This Swarna Yoga is to be administered for one to six months to bestow the child with good immunity and better memory. The Ghee and honey used in appropriate quantities with Swarna Bhasma have the Rasayana property, which helps in better tissue perfusion, immunomodulation and rejuvenation. This demonstrates the highest levels of research in Indian Medicine, which has used the Nano-technology since ages, which aids in better absorption and assimilation of various herbal ingredients. We practice this as “SWARNA KUMARA KALPA – A BOON TO BUDDING MIND AND BODY”, which is formulated particularly as per the authentic references.

  • Improves non-specific immunity.
  • Improves span of attention, concentration and learning skills.
  • Helps fight recurrent infections and allergic conditions.
  • Promotes positive health and QOL in healthy children.
  • No known adverse effects.