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We have medicines and various treatment options for treating the following addictions.
Addiction to Alcohol,
Addiction to Nicotine and
Addiction to Drugs.
This is safe Ayurvedic medicine to get rid from addictions . The medicine does not require diet control. This Ayurvedic medicine is safe to use for the patients with diabetes and blood pressure and even for patients with heart diseases. The Ayurveda herbal medicine for Alcohol addiction is safe and has no side effects. It can be given in any food with or without the knowledge of the patient. The medicinal powder can be sprinkled on food, Curries, Sweets, Desserts, Fruit juices, Tea, Coffee, Complain, Horlicks, Boost etc. exclusively for the patient. The result depends upon the dependency in his body, where this medicine slowly setbacks the addiction.
The property of these herbs inhibits & induces an aversive action to alcohol / nicotine / drug consumption and thereby helps patients reduce intake. It also acts as a liver tonic, increasing its ability to fight off toxins. It helps in improving the liver function and improves its metabolism. It has been reported to regenerate injured liver cells. It helps mitigating the stress, especially environmental stress. This has anti-hypertensive & detoxification properties. This reduces the craving.

The consequences of the addiction:

The consequences of the addiction varies at different levels we have seen in many addicts where in very younger age having kidney damage and fatty liver formation due to intake of alcohol and leads to liver damage. If kidney damage occurs either replacement of kidney should be done or continue the dialyses twice weekly till the end of his life. And for liver damage there is no medication and at any point of time the death can occur.
Basic principle of this medicine is detoxification and creating protection against addictives and bringing him out of addiction, other than that nothing else.
These things are explained to the care takers to understand the seriousness of the alcohol consumption and take care accordingly. The Medicine you provide will make them quit their addiction.